Ke DiOs Shelties

“We are Drs. Doug and Cathy Ohlendorf, Macromolecular Structural Biologists at the University of Minnesota Medical School and owners of KeDiOs Shelties. We have bred Grand Champion Shetland Sheepdogs and titled agility dogs. We know vets and must have an excellent and caring vet for our dogs. One that will take that midnight call when we have a girl who needs a C-section or an injured dog. We need a vet who will do the research to be sure he is up-to-date, who will contact other vets and university researchers to be sure he is offering the best care possible or has a correct diagnosis. Drs. Nate and Jim Kirkpatrick are that type of vet. We have been through several incidents that were difficult to diagnosis and they caught them every time. We can’t say enough good things about them.”

Doug & Kathy O.


“Late night cat emergency for a girl named Chester

Now that things have settled down a little bit, I wanted to thank you all for the care and concern you have shown for our new Kitten “Chester”. We especially want to thank Dr. Nate Kirkpatrick for going above and beyond to help us in our time of need. Thank you Dr. Nate for answering my 11:00PM emergency call Wednesday when our kitten was evidently playing with our other cat sitting on top of our old cast iron radiators. I was just heading to bed when I heard what sounded like a major cat fight. I went into the room to see what was going on and found Chester with a foot caught in between one of the cast iron radiator fins. She was struggling frantically trying to get free. After trying to calm her down (no success there… my wife got bitten a couple of times in the process) and get her leg free for 15 minutes using oil to lubricate we were sure that we couldn’t get it out without her being sedated and were convinced she would break her leg in the struggle to get free. I happened to have Nates cell phone number that he had given me when we had issues at and earlier date with our dog so I called him and he amazingly said that he would help. He had to travel from home to the clinic to pick up needed supplies and would be over. During that time we had wrapped towels around the cat to keep her immobilized and all three of us safe. Dr. Nate called when he got to the clinic and shortly thereafter the cat finally “gave up”, relaxed, and amazingly the foot slipped out the bottom of the radiator. I called Nate to let him know and he was happy that it all ended well. Chester is doing well and doesn’t seem to have injured herself other than being a little sore for part of the next day…but she is back to being the normal “hair on fire” kitten we love. I have attached a couple of photos including in the background of one of them the dreaded radiator….

Janith, I (and Chester) will be forever grateful to Doc Nate and the Associated Veterinary Clinic for their unbelievable dedication to their furry and human friends!

Thank you again for being there to support us in our time of need.”

Jim & Janith J.


“I am a veterinarian – so it is incredibly hard to take your own animals to a vet! When I “retired” from clinical appointments (I research and create holistic products now) Dr. Nate Kirkpatrick was the answer to my dream of finding another vet to recommend to my beloved clients. Not only is he my first selection to send family and friends to for veterinary care – I feel confident that he has the best interest of the animal at heart, and is dedicated to learning more and more – to advance his abilities! Kudos Dr. Nate!!!”

Dr. Melissa S. – AnimalEO


“I had been in the cat rescue business for years in Texas where I had an awesome vet caring for the cats and dogs in my shelter. Unfortunately The day after I spent the first night in my new home in Cokato, I had a need for another vet I trusted to care for my two legged cat. In my career, I relied for 30 years on my gut instinct about people. My immediate gut reaction to walking into this clinic and meeting Dr. Nate was that I could trust him with this very special cat. And since this visit seven months ago, Dr. Nate has seen my blind cats, my three legged cat, my dog with separation anxiety, ferral kittens I live trapped and most recently the boss of my “clowder”. Groucho’s a 15 year old cat who all of a sudden went blind. The professionalism, the bedside manner, the humanity that Dr. Nate expresses towards any animal issue he’s confronted with, gives my heart a tremendous sense of peace. Knowing all my animals are in caring gentle hands means the world to me. And the two times Dr. Nate was stumped about what was going on with two of my animals, he gave referrals to specialists that were of his caliber when it came to animal care.

Thank you Dr. Nate and all the vet techs for continually amazing me with your dedication to my “family”.”

Gloria C.


“Thanks to the expert care of Dr. Nate and his staff, for working to save our puppy Soda from a foreign body in his abdomen. Dr. Nate responded quickly to diagnose the issue and get him into surgery to remedy the situation. Following surgery, the staff was caring and considerate to the needs of Soda. He came home with a bag of medicines, and they explained each one and took the time to follow up on his recovery. I am forever grateful to AVC for all you do! Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

Gary & Jill P.


“We have an amazing Vet!! Dr.Nate and his Staff are absolutely fantastic!! The care and concern for his clients is genuine!! It’s nice to know he truly gets to know his patients (and their owners)! Our 7 month old lab, Kila wouldn’t disagree! She loves going to the Vet!! Kila has a very outgoing personality and eager to please!! I would have to definitely say her favorite place to visit is the vet!!!”

Kim & Scott B.


“Our family dog, JD, had a history of ear infections, which another vet treated with run of the mill antibiotics. JD would get better for a while, but was never without an ear infection. I took him to see Dr. Nate, who was able to diagnose a particularly tough strain of bacteria that doesn’t respond to typical antibiotics. He then put JD on a cocktail of meds that took care of the infection. During JD’s recovery Dr. Nate called every few days to check in to see how things were going. He also gave us a preventative protocol that has kept JD infection free for two years and counting!!”

Dean & Kate F.


“Dr. Kirkpatrick (Nate) and staff have been absolutely extraordinary with the care of our dogs. One of our dogs, Sam, has had some unique medical issues that other vets were not able to diagnose. Dr. Kirkpatrick took the time/energy to research the symptoms and confirm a diagnosis for our dog. During this time Dr. Kirkpatrick called us after hours and on weekends to discuss the issues and check up on our Sam. His follow up was superb!

The staff at Associated Vet has always been more than helpful and accommodating to any request we have had. You always feel welcomed the minute you walk in the door. The professionalism and customer service is over the top! The items that they sell are great. I LOVE the candles they have for sale. Great for when you need to get the dog smell out of a room.”

Brad & Jennifer F.

Sasha & Mia

“Associated Veterinary Clinic is the place for me and my puppies! I have tried other veterinary clinics because of the convenience, but I always end up coming back. Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick and Dr. Nate Kirkpatrick are very knowledgeable and you can tell they love what they do! All of the staff is caring and understanding when it comes to your pet and your concerns. I won’t take my puppies anywhere else. Thank you doctors and staff of Associated Veterinary Clinic for the fantastic work you do with our pets!”

Johnny & Janice L.


“When I first brought my cat Simba to see Dr. Nate, Simba was very sick. Dr. Nate told me that he had crystals in his urine and if we didn’t dissolve them he would die. So Simba stayed there for four days and seemed to be doing better, but a few weeks later he was sick again, an infection from the catheter. As you can imagine Simba did not like Dr. Nate or anyone from the office. So we gave antibiotics and changed his food. A year later he is happy and healthy and getting into all kinds of trouble, but the most surprising thing is the last time I took him in for a check up Simba not only did not fight Dr. Nate, but he purred when Dr. Nate petted him!”

Dawn K.


“Owning a feral cat has been quite the learning experience. Thank you for being so patient with my “Crazy” cat, Tabby. You’ve brought our home Peace, Love, and Happiness.”

Steve & Kathy P.

Willie & Riley

“Dr. Nate Kirkpatrick has been so awesome everytime I bring in Willie & Riley. Riley has such bad allergies and has needed a lot help for them and he always receives such great care when he goes to see Dr. Kirkpatrick. I wouldn’t trust my pets to anyone else!”

Jim & Chris K.


“Thank you so very much for the excellent care you gave Canyon when he was sick. We truly appreciate all your kindness, compassion, and extra time you provided him and us in his recovery.”

Jesse & Michelle P.

Bucky Soo

“Taking on three throw-away kitties was a challenge and when Bucky Soo (already the most timid one) decided to take a crash it was Dr. Nate who delved into what could be the problem and saved the little guy. The office staff is always most pleasant, accommodating and know their “animal” stuff. Most importantly, if you have questions/concerns you know the answers will always be addressed honestly and with compassion.”

Curtis & Judy F.

Boomer & Shamey

“We are 2 high energy Labs (Boomer & Shamey). We insist on our daily runs and look forward each fall to hunting upland game. Our owners, sometimes require an extra push to get out for our daily runs, but persistence almost always pays off. We have been very impressed and happy with the professional care and genuine compassion we receive at Associated Veterinary Clinic. If asked, we would highly recommend their clinic.
Sincerely, Shamey and Boomer”

Paul & Rita C.

Little Guy

“Associated Veterinary Clinic has always put the needs of my pets first. Dr Kirkpatrick is always very thorough and takes the time to talk with me about my options. In such a fast paced world its nice to know that someone else cares as much as I do about my pets.”

Angie H.


“Associated Vet Clinic is where you need to be for your pet’s health care. Our German Shepard, Darcy, has been given such outstanding care here. From her yearly examines to her recent knee surgery. The staff and doctors have gone beyond our expectations time and time again. I know this is the place for the long term health care of our pets.”

Kevin & Kathy H.